Blocking RFID waves

Ensure reliable data and improve Inventory Accuracy




Blocking RFID waves, make replenishment and in-store locations efficient.

CorsoShield : Isolating and blocking RFID waves in in stock rooms

A range of solutions which only block RFID signals (and not wifi, GSM or walkie-talkie). RFID inventories are more reliable.

No more cross-reading between the sales floor and the stockroom.

Our solutions to strongly block RFID signals







/ wall

Shielding walls & partitions (back-store, fitting rooms...)

A range of RFID shielding solutions for all types of wall materials and configurations.

Ready-to-use, robust and fast application (up to 30m² per hour)

2 finishes:

  • Stock Room (Quality white finish)
  • Sales Floor (Premium white finish)
CorsoShield : Isolating and blocking RFID waves in open space in stock rooms
  • RFID waves do not pass through the wall
  • Wi-Fi and GSM waves continue to pass through
  • Uniform attenuation over the entire surface
  • Immediately effective: no connection or adjustment
  • Finished, pre-painted product (3 coats for the front store)
  • Fast, odorless installation: even when the premises are occupied
  • Easy to clean
  • Highly resistant to impacts, scratching and ambient humidity
  • Complies with fire standards for public access buildings

/ Extra

Covering technical elements for better RFID isolation

Ducts, computer bays, baseboards, angles, …) to avoid RFID wave leakage.

RFID shielding for technical elements

/ box & trolleys

Isolating a box or a trolley from RFID signals

For collection returns, unsold inventory and transfers, it is necessary to read the tags that are inside a box, without reading the other tags in the surrounding area.

Introduce the reader inside the fabric covering the box or the trolley and start reading the tags!

CorsoShield : Isolating and blocking RFID waves in boxes and trolleys
  • RFID waves do not pass through the cover
  • Reading is improved thanks to the generated rebounds
  • Light and compact
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with all types of reader
  • Immediately effective: no connection or adjustment
  • The smartphone is still connected in bluetooth.

/ mobility

Creating an RFID barrier within an open space

For warehouses, loading bays, etc.

Standard version: for shops, hotels, etc.

Heavy Duty version: highly impact resistant for warehouses, factories, containers, loading bays, etc.

CorsoShield : Isolating and blocking RFID waves in open space in stock rooms
  • RFID waves do not pass through the “covering”
  • Reading is improved thanks to the generated rebounds
  • Made to measure
  • Easy to use
  • Resists to impacts by adding equipment (Heavy Duty Version)
  • Immediately effective: no connection or adjustment


All you need to know about CorsoShield - the best RFID blocking system

Do I need specific glue in RFID shielding?

Yes, our R&D department has developed a specifically strong glue dedicated to our product (with glass fiber) and applicable on all types of walls.
We have 2 types : 1 for porous surfaces and 1 for non-porous surfaces

Can I shield all types of walls?

Yes you can, our RFID and EM shielding products have been designed to be efficient on all types of materials (bricks, concrete, wood, plasterboard…)

What is the difference between CorsoShield® and liquid paint?

Firstly, you don’t need any drying time, we use dry paint.
Secondly, our shielding efficiency is obtained thanks to the homogeneity achieved during production, unlike traditional paint which requires several layers, a certain thickness and can depend on how the applicator (painter) works. Consequently, the shielding performance is always perfect (wherever you are, whatever type of wall you have and whoever the worker is).
Thirdly, walls crack over time. With paint a gap in the wall appears and crates leakage. CorsoShield® covers the cracks so there is no risk of leakage.
CorsoShield® does not need to be grounded, unlike paint with conductive components.
Lastly, CorsoShield® is odorless.

What is the difference between physical and virtual shielding?

Physical shielding consists of separating different storage areas with a layer or coating which blocks RFID waves. CorsoShield® provides a homogeneous surface without specific set-up required. Physical shielding prevents cross reading and leakage and therefore ensures reliable data.
Virtual Shielding is based on software. There is no guarantee of 100% accuracy of collected data because rebounds are created by all metallic surfaces. Futhermore, the user of virtual shielding should be very cautious and should be not certain to have precise inventory.

At this stage, the physical shielding can participate to 100% reliable data.

Can I block RFID signals when the stock room is above or below the sales floor?

Yes, our products shield not only walls but ceilings and floors too! In some cases a study is needed because some technical/safety requirements must be taken into account.

How long will it take me to shield a stockroom?

It depends on the complexity and the height of the walls, but the average time for CorsoShield® is between 20 to 30 sqm per hour with 2 workers.
We don’t waste time with drying time, grounding, or the application of a white finish.
There are only 2 steps; applying glue, installing CorsoShield®

Is it necessary to shield doors?

Yes, of course, the RFID signals go through doors and the slightest gap can lead to leaking. For this reason, we have developed a solution for doors and door frames.
In some cases metal doors will block RFID waves but the frame must be shielded.

In terms of sustainability, what are the benefits of CorsoShield®?

CorsoShield is A+ Class, and it does not spread Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s), unlike traditional paint, because our paint is dried during the production process and a the majority of VOC are burn and not release in the atmosphere.

Does CorsoShield® comply with fire registrations?

Of course. For Corso Magenta, safety requirements are paramount. All of our products are tested and certified according to Euroclass (B or C).

Do you provide a guarantee?

We carry out several quality control tests throughout the manufacturing process. In the case of product deficiency during the installation and before application, we commit to exchange the product with express delivery. We have also deployed a thorough traceability policy for our products that allows us to follow the life of our products and prevent any damage that could be found on a production batch.

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