Our mission :

We contribute to the performance of surfaces by relying on materials and systems, seeking for value added functionalizations

  • Founded in 2007
  • 7 international patents
  • International sales are 70% of the turnover
  • 5 European industrial sites
  • 10 product launches
  • ISO 9001 certification in progress

2007 > Industrial prototypes
2008 > Complementary patents filled
2009 > Nioulasco range launch
2010 > Development of texturized surfaces
2013 > Integration of digital transfers (photos, logos, patterns)
2014 > Industrial wind tunnel, riblet aeronautical paint
2015 > Matt writable and erasable wall surface (Expression®)
2016 > Industrial tests of ultra-thin heating films
2017 > Development of EM and RFID dry paint shielding solutions (CorsoShield®)
2018 > Deployment of CorsoShield® in one of the world's leading retail brands
2019 > Introduction of new products to the CorsoShield® range

Research & Development

  • Integrated Development Laboratory and external Laboratories:

  • Fire tests: LNE, effects
  • RFID tests: Esycom, IEMN, Esynov
  • Adhesion tests: ENIT
  • Wind tunnel: ONERA

  • Internal expertise in paint formulation, electromagnetism (UHF, RFID) and materials engineering

  • Design of thin films and functional surfaces

  • Equipment for prototypes and pilots

  • Participation in collaborative projects with leading European academic and industrial partners (DGA, European Commission)


  • Production capacity : Up to 2 Million m² per year.

« The European industrial organisation makes it possible to respond quickly to national or international deployments. Stock for urgent orders »

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  • Standard quality / compliance with international standards

> Corso Magenta is in the process of of ISO9001 : 2015 Certification

> Wall products comply with Euroclass C for public buildings.

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  • Worldwide Logistics: Support from international logistics partners to store, pick and deliver in complex areas (shopping centers, city centers),day or night all over the world.
  • Collaboration: Networks of applicators specialised in retail, Major General Contractors (Exa, ISG...) Corso Magenta is an approved training center.

  • Technical Support: Installation guides, multilingual videos and dedicated Hotline
  • Net Promoter Score: Conduct satisfaction surveys according to the NPS method with key account reporting

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