Two types of coating with unique technical features.


Mastery of formulations and thin layers for the efficiency and maintenance of aircraft.

Our solutions for




/ de-icing

No more frost during the flight

Avoid frost formation by

directly heating the surface

of the aircraft leading edges

thanks to conductive

technical films.

Fast temperature rise with

reduced energy


/ flight patches

Because an aircraft should not stay on the tarmac for hours for a paint touch up

Solid paint patches to repair

impact injuries. A solution

that reduces aircraft

downtime by 85%.

This innovation is the result

of several years of R & D in

collaboration with the

Directorate General of


/ ribotes

To reduce the drag and therefore the consumption

Trapezoidal shape, the

objective of this external

“skin” is to prevent the

accumulation of disturbance

at the level of the boundary

layer to reduce the drag and

therefore the consumption

of aircraft.

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