Functional paint films for composite manufacturing

filtering RFID, Corso Composites for aeronautics and aerospace

Aeronautics / Aerospace

Integrate functions, simplify production methods, increase productivity

filtering RFID, Corso Composites for aeronautics and aerospace

In mold primer or topcoat painting solution

In mold application of dry paint film, primer or topcoat, leading to a drastic reduction of cycle time, lower environmental impact, and new functionalization opportunities. Painting is nowadays one of the most time consuming and HSE concerned process in the composite manufacturing industry. Firstly, the surface finishing with liquid paints generates a huge amount of waste and is highly detrimental for the health of workers, especially when using chromates and solvent based chemistries. And in a second hand, the surface preparation and drying times are a real bottleneck while the production rates need to be improved every day.

Dry paint films can be self-supported or complexed with additional layers, maximizing functionalization opportunities:

  • Paint-resin specific interface provides high strength adhesion; adhesive layer with controlled tack (PSA – Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) maintains the film inside the mold while allowing an easy demolding after process.
  • Bronze mesh to provide integrated lightning strike protection.
  • Protective film or peel ply to facilitate demolding and ensure adequate surface roughness.
  • Resistive layer to generate heating as close as possible to the external surface.
  • Thickness control for RF transparency (Radome applications).

filtering RFID, Corso Composites for aeronautics and aerospace

The conventional way of painting requires lengthy surface preparation, and dedicated painting areas to ensure no pollution of the product surface, respect of worker’s health, and environment protection.
Using dry films of paint has proven its efficiency in different industries to improve the above described limitations: CorsoComposites takes the time consuming steps required after product de-molding, to incorporate it in a paint film to be applied in mold, before curing.

# Paint layer functionalization
# Precise paint thickness control
# Reduce cycle-time in composite manufacturing
# Eliminate worker exposure to VOC
# Reduces paint environmental impact

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