Modular Construction Paint film materials for enhanced productivity and finishing

, Corso Modular


Dry paint for walls; great look, fast paint application on modular surfaces and enhanced productivity for the Modular Construction Industry.

, Corso Modular

/ xxl

Enhance productivity and finishing for temporary / modular construction with a revolutionnary dry paint process

  • Extra large paint film reels for a horizontal application directly on the panel production line during assembly.
  • Everything is done in a dry way, without time loss.
  • A qualitative and long-lasting result without slowing down the industrial process.

# No paint booth

# Easy and fast to clean

# Strong robustness against shocks, scratches

# Complies with ERP fire standards

Paint systems made for offsite construction company

Modular architecture

Modular construction architects can now use both innovative and decorative paint materials without price compromise.

Paint with Functionalities

Modular home wall surfaces can have integrated functionalities such as Heating, Electro Magnetic Shielding, 3D feel, etc.

Optimised Production Process

Quality housing surfaces standards for offsite construction companies

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