Repairing external surfaces and reducing ship drags.

filtering RFID, Corso Ship


Limit operations, reduce refit times, increase productivity,improve the glide, integrate new functions

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filtering RFID, Corso Ship

/ fouling release

Avoiding the fouling

The film-forming systems comprise, on the internal face, an element that allows perfect bonding with the shell and on the outer face of the components of the PTFE or silicone type. To achieve a complete solution, it is necessary that the adhesive allows a perfect grip to the support and that the removal at the end of life is easy and fast.

filtering RFID, Corso Ship

/ riblets

Enhancing hydrodynamism

With its rapezoidal shape, the purpose of external skin outside is to facilitate the penetration of the ship in the water. It must be installed in the least disturbed areas on the water surface.

filtering RFID, Corso Ship

/ patches

For fast repairs

Damage caused by impacts on the exterior surfaces leads to rapid starts of corrosion, weakening the durability of the structure, thus ship structures are overdimensioned. By having patches with anti-corrosive adhesive, it is possible to “treat” the wounds directly.

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