, Functional paint films for composite manufacturing

Painting is nowadays one of the most time consuming and HSE concerned process in the composite manufacturing industry. Application of liquid paint generates waste and damages the health of workers. Surface preparation, combined with drying times, are a real bottleneck while production rates need to be improved every day.

Corso Magenta is a pioneering SME which is re-inventing paint with a new, green generation of functional films. Our patented process transforms liquid paints into dry films:

Any paint can be used without modification of the original formula: Epoxy / PU based primers & topcoats,

Usage of already qualified paints or proprietary formulations ensure the global performance of the system.
Paint films can be self-supported or complexed with additional layers:

  • Glass, carbon, aramid, PEEK fibers can be semi impregnated in the paint. Combining the paint-resin chemical adhesion to the mechanical bounding of fibers reinforces interfacial strength with the resin matrix,
  • Bronze mesh to provide integrated lightning strike protection,
  • Protective film or peel ply to facilitate demolding and ensure adequate surface roughness,
  • Resistive layer to generate heating as close as possible to the external surface,
  • Electromagnetic shiedling layer, for RF applications.

This is a breakthrough technology to reduce paint related investment, improve our environmental impact, reduce cycle time of composite manufacturing, and incorporate new functionalities in paint systems.