Installation of CorsoFacility Imagery on the stairwell of the Regina Hotel

In 2014, the hotel Régina wanted to renew the walls of it’s stairwells with a covering that is both resistant and aesthetic. But, above all, they were looking for a solution:

  • With personalized finishes and premium quality
  • Limiting work-related business interruption. Indeed, carrying out this work with traditional paint would have taken a considerable amount of time.
  • Minimizing nuisance for its customers (time, odors, noise)

Why CorsoFacility Imagery?
Our solution met all their needs, because CorsoFacility Imagery is:

  • Particularly resistant and durable, thanks to its design with glass mat on the back backing
  • Minimizes the interruption of the activity, with a product already finished and dry, easy and quick to install.
  • Easy to clean (watch our demonstration)
  • Much cheaper than traditional paint, and is much more durable over time

In addition to meeting all the requirements, we have adapted our solution to the hotel, integrating into our dry paint film the visual of their choice, created in collaboration with Bruno Romette, all with maximum fidelity of colors and patterns and optimal adaptation to the curves of the wall.

And today ?
After 8 years, the walls are still in excellent condition and the patterns have kept their original brilliance.
Cleaning with a simple damp cloth ensures quick maintenance and an impeccable finish over time.

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