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Optimizing industrial process with great wall finish for the modular construction

Modular construction is the new trend when it comes to build personal accommodation, hotels and offices at a reasonable price with high quality standards.

This industrial world combines speed of production with the latest requirements in terms of safety, quality and environmental impact.
The finishing stage of walls and ceilings slows the production line drastically.

Multiple plastering/sanding/painting operations with associated drying times and dust generation is currently the biggest limitation for this industrial process to go mainstream.

Without considering that all this finishing work can be ruined by transportation!

The answer is a solidified dry paint film, robust easy to apply.

Our solution for modular construction surfaces and wall finish:

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CorsoModular is a natural industrial modular construction paint system. It’s the cleanest, quickest solution to apply a versatile finish on interior walls and ceilings.

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Wall finishes for conventional construction or renovation without loss of productivity or activity interruption

Hotels, offices, conference centres, hospitals, retirement homes, restaurants…

Public places witness an accelerated deterioration process of their walls.
Work nuisances and shutdowns have direct impact on turnover.
Wall painting must be sturdy, easy to clean, quick to apply and without interrupting the activity.

Our solution for surface and wall finishes for the regular construction and renovation industry:

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CorsoFacility is a dry coating 5 times stronger than liquid paint. Corso Facility coatings are applied in tough environments such as building halls, stairways, corridors or poorly ventilated bathrooms.

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