Paint films for enhanced productivity and wall finish of Modular Construction

, Corso Modular


Dry paint dedicated for interior ceilings and walls. With its great look and robustness, interior finishes are brought to new, high quality standards.

CorsoModular solidified dry paint films are manufactured in our factory, to ensure paint mix and drying are made in optimum conditions. This enhances durability, while the incorporated glassback gives it an incomparable resistance.

# Easy and fast to clean

# Robust against shocks & scratches

# Complies with fire standards

# Absorbs wall microcracks induced by module transportation or building structural movement

, Corso Modular


Enhance productivity and finish with a revolutionary paint process specificaly designed for the modular and off-site construction industry

  • Extra large paint film reels for a horizontal application directly on the production line of panels during assembly.
  • Surface preparation is made easy, thanks to the great tolerance of Corso Modular paint to the substrate quality: no additional plaster or primer is needed on plasterboard, fibre gypsum boards, OSB, MDF, MFP.
  • Plaster and paint application workshops are removed, with their associated drying areas.

# No paint booth

# No plaster booth

# No drying area

# Dust and VOC are reduced

Modular architecture

Modular construction architects can now use both innovative and decorative paint materials without price compromise.

Paint with Functionalities

Modular home panel surfaces can have integrated functionalities such as Heating, Electro Magnetic Shielding, 3D feel, etc.

Optimised Production Process

Wall finish or panel coating can be made in a fraction of the time needed with conventional paint, while providing greater health and safety protection to workers.

, Corso Modular


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