Surface funtionalization for the Maritime Industry

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Underwater hull drag paint surfaces and patches for fuel consumption optimization and repair downtime minimization.

Fuel consumption of ships is directly impacted by the drag generated by the penetration of the hull into water. To prevent the accumulation of algae, living organisms of all kinds, the underwater section of ships are covered with products designed to prevent the attachment of these bio-organisms. Over time, the formulation of these products are prohibited for environmental reasons, like the use of biocides and barecticides.

The solution is to use non-adherent products such as PTFE or Silicone. The disadvantage of these products is that they can be used only once, because the anti-adhesion feature prohibits the application of a new layer.

Limit operations, reduce refit times, increase productivity,improve the glide, integrate new functions

Patches for fast hull repair

Damage caused by impacts on the exterior surfaces leads to rapid starts of corrosion, weakening the durability of the structure, thus ship structures are overdimensioned. By having patches with anti-corrosive adhesive, it is possible to “treat” the wounds directly.

Our solution for boat hull localized paint touch up:

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CorsoPatch™ tackles the usual issues of hull painting and repair on boats, by introducing the quickest permanent repair ever.

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Avoiding Fouling Release

The film-forming systems integrate on the internal face, an element that allows perfect bonding with the shell and on the outer face of the components of the PTFE or silicone type. To achieve a complete solution, it is necessary that the adhesive allows a perfect grip to the support so that the removal at the end of life is fast and easy.

Enhancing hydrodynamism for riblets

With its rapezoidal shape, the purpose of this external skin is to facilitate the penetration of the ship in the water. It must be installed in the least disturbed areas on the water surface to reduce fluid resistance

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