Surface fonctionalisation for the maritime industry

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Dry paint repair for faster onshore and offshore maintenance

Local imperfections in anticorrosion coatings, caused by manufacturing defects, normal wear or impacts in operations, lead to a rapid corrosion initiation in maritime environment.

If untreated, such local corrosion initiation can over time lead to larger defects that are costly to repair, and even lead to structural damage.

Corso Magenta has developed a ground-breaking innovation, allowing operators to treat the defect in a single operation, before it spreads.

Our solution for fast paint repair of ships and offshore strucures:

, Maritime

CorsoPatch™ tackles the usual issues of paint repair on boats and offshore strucures, by introducing the quickest permanent repair ever.

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Antifouling & Fouling Release

Films of dry paint with an adhesive backing, to ensure high HSE standard during aplication.

The solidified paint film can be made from different existing antifouling paint systems (including ACQPA certified). It can also integrate a foul release textured surface, that can be combined with more conventional fouling release chemistries such as PTFE or silicone.

Riblet textured paint for anhanced hydrodynamism

With its rapezoidal shape, the purpose of this external skin is to facilitate the penetration of the ship in the water. It must be installed in the least disturbed flow areas to reduce fluid resistance.

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