Dry paint patch for localized boat repairs

, Corso Patch Ship


Evolen Innovation Award Finalist

Corso Patch I Ship is a finalist in the evolen® innovation award.
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, Corso Patch Ship

Permanent Repair Patch

CorsoPatch is a repair patch made from a film of solidified paint system (single topcoat layer or complete ACQPA system) with an adhesive layer, protected by a liner on one side and by an application tape on the other side (The Application tape and liner are removed during application).

Permanent paint repair for boats without environmental impact

The use of CorsoPatch™ to repair localised paint damage is considered as a permanent repair. The product being made exclusively of paint, it provides the same protection against environmental aggression.

The use of CorsoPatch™ maximizes assets and crew availability by:
– Elimination of paint drying time

– Narrowing the weather window required to make repairs

– Enabling coactivity

Its use also allows for the protection of operators (no exposure to VOCs) as well as better protection of the environment (no liquid toxic discharge).

, Corso Patch Ship

, Corso Patch Ship

CorsoPatch™ Application Procedure

CorsoPatch™ Application Procedure
The application procedure consists of standard surface preparation, followed by manual application of the patch:
* Identification of the area to be repaired
* Removing corrosion if needed
* Light sanding and degreasing of the surface
* Application of the patch

CorsoPatch™ Durability

After 1 yaer of navigation, the Patch is still conform. (Tests are still ongoing)

# No heating required
# No drying time
# Applicable on composite and metal
# No anticorrosion / primer required
# Applicable in one single intervention
# Paint repair co-activity allowed!

, Corso Patch Ship
, Corso Patch Ship


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