Surface solutions for the Retail Industry

, Surface solutions for the Retail Industry

RFID Shielding and EM Filtering for in-store inventory control and data accuracy.

RFID is a radio frequency identification technology. It is particularly useful for managing and optimizing logistics flows and item tracking.

Therefore, a physical distinction of the reading zones is essential:

  • wall covering must be sturdy
  • easy to clean
  • quick to apply
  • without closing stores
  • without inconveniencing customers

Our solution for RFID wall shielding and inventory accuracy:

, Surface solutions for the Retail Industry

The CorsoShield® range enables physical shielding and separation of different areas or storage solutions (boxes, pallets, crates, etc.)

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Store Wall Finishing without business interruption

The walls cleanliness impacts the image of the brand
Marketing must be able to deploy new concepts (design, collections, pop up) without affecting the productivity.

Examples of in-store wall and surface finishing for great communication

  • between the loading / unloading docks
  • between the storage aisles
  • around reading portals
  • inside stores and sensitive areas

Our solution for enhancing in-store wall finishes and decoration without the loss of activities :

, Surface solutions for the Retail Industry

Corso Facility for retail is a dry coating 5 times stronger than applied liquid paints. Corso Facility coatings applied in tough environment such as fitting rooms. Also exists for decoration and interior store design (logo, branding, 3D effects)

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