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Lean MRO: Dry Paint repair to maximize aircraft availability

Lightning strikes or mechanical impacts mean potential paint damage. Paint damage means potential corrosion to the structure. Structure corrosion means Aircraft On Ground (AOG).

Early repair to any damage avoids degradation of the situation, which could lead to lengthy reparation time.

With airlines fighting for profitability, reduction of maintenance downtime is one of the keys to success.

Corso Magenta has developed a ground-breaking innovation, to optimize the task of regular repainting linked to localized paint damage.

Our solution for fast paint repair on aircrafts:

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CorsoPatch tackles the usual issues of aircraft painting on planes, by introducing the quickest permanent repair ever, while being REACH compliant.

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Functional paint films for composite manufacturing

Painting is nowadays one of the most time consuming and HSE concerned processes in the composite manufacturing industry.

  • Surface finishing with liquid paints generates a huge amount of waste and represents health risks for workers, especially when using chromates and solvent based chemistries.
  • Surface preparation and drying times are a real bottleneck while production rates need to be improved every day.

In mold application of solidified dry paint film, primer or topcoat, leads to drastic reduction of cycle time, lower environmental impact, and new functionalization opportunities.

Our solution to optimize the painting of composite parts:

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Corso Magenta introduces CorsoComposites, to optimize the painting of composite parts through reduction of time cycle, lower environmental impact, and new functionalization opportunities.

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Reducing aircraft fuel consumtion with riblet paint coating

Using riblets of trapezoidal shape, creates an external “skin” to prevent the accumulation of disturbance at the level of the boundary layer to reduce the drag and therefore the consumption of the aircraft.

Aircraft De-icing systems: Avoid wing frost during the flight with patented heating paint coating formulation

Avoid frost formation on wings and fuselage by directly heating the surface of the plane leading edges thanks to conductive technical films.

Fast temperature rise with reduced energy consumption.

Replace anti-icing fluid propylene glycol.

Less environmental impact.

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