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, Corso Patch


Fast paint repair system for shorter AOG
(Aircraft on Ground)

CorsoPatch is a dry paint patch to repair paint damages on plane wings and fuselage.

A solution which reduces aircraft maintenance downtime by 85%.

This solution is the result of years of R&D through the innovation support program “DGA RAPID” of the French Army. Industrial partners AIRBUS and Air France Industries also brought their contribution to make this project a success.


CorsoPatch is a repair patch made from a film of solidified topcoat with an adhesive layer, protected on one side by a liner and another side by an application tape .

The application tape and liner are removed during application on the aircraft.

The use of CorsoPatch® to repair a local paint damage is considered as a permanent minor repair. The product being exclusively made of paint, it provides the same protection against aggressions (eg Erosion, Corrosion,…) and is REACH compliant.

, Corso Patch
, Corso Patch

CorsoPatch® Application Procedure

The application procedure consists in a standard surface preparation, followed by a manual application of the patch:

  • Identification of the area to be repaired
  • Removing of corrosion if needed
  • Light sanding and degreasing of the surface
  • Application of the patch

# No heating required
# No drying time
# Applicable on composite and metal
# Anticorrosion / Alodine / primer not required
# Man-hour gain over 30%
# Paint repair co-activity allowed!



, Corso Patch


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