CORSO MAGENTA is officially member of the CNRFID (Centre National de la RFID – National Center of the RFID) and joins the community of Connected Objects players (RFID, NFC, IoT …).

Since 2008, the National Center of RFID, created at the initiative of  the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Digital, aims at facilitating the adoption and appropriation of contactless technologies (RFID et NFC) by professionnals. With our electromagnetic shielding film WAVESHIELD, a new product in this young and booming market, our company is responding to a problem encountered by many other members.

In the retail sector, for example, where the use of RFID technology is growing rapidly, it may be necessary to create an EM shielding to demarcate areas between the shop and a storage area. This is the kind of need that our solution WAVESHIELD answers.