Corso Magenta, member of the FibreGY project

, Corso Magenta participates in the FiberGY project

We are happy to announce that the FibreGYproject, in which Corso Magenta is participating, is now launched.

This project funded by the program Horizon 2020 of the European Union and overseen by CIMNE (international center for numerical methods in engineering), has the overall objective of enabling the use of FIBER-based improved hardware solutions (FRP) in the structure of the next generation of large offshore wind and tidal power platforms.
FIBREGY is synonymous with the development, engineering, production and lifecycle management of FIBER-based material solutions, and the project’s credo: “composites for a sustainable environment”.

Corso Magenta’s contribution to the project?
Thanks to its Fast Composite finishes solution, Corso Magenta is participating in the development:
1 – a paint application solution at the bottom of the mold
2 – reversible adhesives

To learn more about the progress of the project, visit the FibreGYwebsite and join us on LinkedIn!

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, Corso Magenta participates in the FiberGY project