Regina hotel calls on Corso Magenta for an exceptional aesthetic touch

In December 2014, the Regina hotel was looking for a decorative solution for its entire staircase column.
A personalized, premium-quality finish was required to match the establishment’s standing.

To achieve this, Regina turned to CorsoFacility Imagery.

We integrated the graphic design chosen by our customer into our paint film, with maximum color and pattern fidelity and perfect adaptation to the curves of the wall.

CorsoFacility enabled an extraordinary level of personalization and exceptional durability.

9 years after installation, the walls are in excellent condition and the patterns have retained their original lustre.
Cleaning with a simple damp cloth ensures rapid maintenance and impeccable surface finish over time.

What’s more, the ease with which it can be installed has reduced on work time and customer inconvenience (no drying, no smell, no dust).



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