Installation of CorsoShield Wall for Ralph Lauren

Previously, Ralph Lauren used aluminum to shield and manage their stocks, but this situation greatly affected their productivity. Beyond not being aesthetic, using aluminum as RFID shielding causes many problems: data leak, cross-reading…

In order to optimize its goods in and goods out inventory management, Sensormatic (Ralph Lauren’s integrator) called us to install our solution of shielding paint films in several stocks.
In addition to being reliable and aesthetic, CorsoShield Wall has many advantages over aluminum or liquid paint…

  • Simple and fast to apply (see our installation guide)
  • Does not require any adjustment or connection
  • Is 100% reliable, totally eliminates cross reading for stock and inventory management
  • Attenuates UHF waves sufficiently without blocking others (Wifi and GSM)
  • Is durable, robust and easy and quick to clean

And today ?
After several years and deployment of CorsoShield Wall in 17 stores, our solution is still effective (no leaks and no cross-reading). Ralph Lauren teams remain satisfied with this solution, allowing them to simplify stocks and inventories management.

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