Corso Magenta participates in European Clean Sky 2 project

With CorsoPatch Aircraft, its fast repair solution for paint damage on aircraft, Corso Magenta is participating in the Clean Sky 2 project, selected by the European H2020 program.

What is the Clean Sky Project?
A call for tenders made in 2019, Clean Sky 2 is the second edition of the Clean Sky project launched in 2008.
Thanks to this project, European Commission and CSJU are carrying out research to support an air transport policy respectful of the environment. Clean Sky 2 makes it possible to continue research effort necessary to achieve in 2050 objectives set by ACARE (Advisory Council for Aeronautical Research in Europe).

This joint initiative constitutes the most important European aeronautical research program, associating industry and public. Among members of the project, alongside Corso Magenta, we find Airbus, Safran and Dassault Aviation.

To learn more about the project, visit the Clean Aviation website and join us on LinkedIn!

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, Corso Magenta participates in European Clean Sky 2 project