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CorsoPatch Aircraft is a dry paint repair solution targeted at local damage on aircraft wings and fuselage.
It was originally developed with the French Army, Airbus and Air France Industry as a solution for fast paint repair during line maintenance or while in operation.

The solution works by sticking the patch which is comprised of application tape, paint, adhesive and liner on to the
damaged part of the aircraft’s surface as an alternative to applying different layers of paint for the repair.
The patch can be applied on all types of surfaces, including paint, metal and composites, and is 10 times faster than a liquid paint repair solution, taking 40 minutes as opposed to 10 hours to take effect.
“The repair is permanent,” explains a spokesperson for Corso Magenta, adding that a “recontrol” is needed every two years. “So far, the longest period has been a year, over 1,000 flight hours, but the aircraft were then repainted.

We will soon have feedback from clients who have used it for a longer period of time.”
France-based Corso Magenta tested CorsoPatch Aircraft with easyJet and Air Corsica in 2021, with nearly 10 other
airlines using the patch since and more expressing interest, says the paint solutions provider.


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