Deployment of CorsoShield reading cabin for Monoprix

In order to optimize its goods in and goods out  inventory management and obtain reliable inventories by eliminating cross-reading, Monoprix had plans, particularly for its textile range, to create RFID shielded areas in its warehouses.
Our client therefore needed a solution that was simple and quick to use, and which was adapted to the configuration of its spaces.

CorsoShield: an adapted solution
Thanks to the products in our CorsoShield range, we have designed a solution adapted to Monoprix’s needs.
For this, we have designed a tailor-made space combining our CorsoShield Wall and Fabrics products, operating as a reading cabin, allowing reliable reading in a designated space shielding external RFID waves.

Beyond meeting all of Monoprix’s needs, our solution includes many other advantages, because it…

  • Does not require any adjustment or connection
  • Is 100% reliable, totally eliminates cross reading for stock and inventory management
  • Is durable, robust and easy and quick to clean

And today ?
After several months of use in a real situation, the customer told us “that the results exceeded their expectations”, that it was easy to use, fast and perfectly reliable.
Consequently, they plann to deploy this solution soon in 3 other warehouses.

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In 2021, we creat a special solution for monoprix, a retail leader
Thanks to our solution, manage your stocks quickly

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