Renovation of Twitter France offices with CorsoFacility Imagery

In 2016, Twitter called on us to renovate a large part of their offices (1000 m2).
As the rennovation was running late, it needed a fast installation solution that allowed co-activity, as well as a result both aesthetic and resistant.

Our solution therefore met all their needs, because CorsoFacility Imagery is easy and fast to apply.
Being packaged in a film of dry paint, it eliminates the drying time but also the emanations of odors in the air, making coactivity possible (air quality for employees).

CorsoFacility: a premium solution
Beyond meeting all their needs, CorsoFacility Imagery has many advantages, such as:

  • Customization and integration of a visual of your choice, all with maximum fidelity of colors and patterns and optimal adaptation to the curves of the wall
  • Particularly resistant and durable, thanks to its design with glass mat on the back
  • Minimizes the interruption of the activity, with a product already finished and dry, easy and fast to install
  • Easy to clean (watch our demonstration)

The result of the installation more than satisfied the Twitter teams, and the finished work inspections only took 30 minutes for the entire renovated surface.

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CorsoFacility Imagery, our decorative solution (fresco, photos, logo).

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