The Equiphotel fair was a great success for Corso Magenta

Our teams warmly participated in the show for hotel and restaurant professionals. The flagship product of this exhibition was the CorsoFacility, the sustainable decoration and renovation solution that:

  • eliminates the drying time of a traditional paint,
  • does not require strong surface preparation before application,
  • prevents the appearance of cracks,
  • respects man and his environment because it does not contain any volatile organic compounds,
  • is odorless and harmless
  • applies in a busy environment.

One Corsofacility film is equivalent to three (3) layers of liquid paint, homogeneous and durable, with a velvety matte finish. It does not require maintenance and keeps a brand new look.

The ease of cleaning this product is one of its greatest qualities. It is cleaned very quickly with a magic sponge and water, without leaving what are called “clean stains“, those obtained by cleaning a trace on a traditional painting. Visitors were able to witness many real demonstrations.

Corsofacility adapts to dry areas and wet areas (spa, bathroom, …). It is perfectly resistant to moisture and always keeps its initial color over time.

It also allows customers to personalize their paint thanks to digital integration.. Images will be directly printed in the painting. It is with the same process that we obtain perfect gradients of all colors.

Corsofacility allows you to update your way of painting, no need to redo the walls every 5 years or close the rooms because of work during the renovation.

It was an opportunity for us to present this innovative product on the market, and for visitors, to discover a new solution that addresses the problems of liquid paint, with considerable time savings.

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