Parister Hotel discovers the ultimate paint solution for its spa

Sandrine Troccaz, manager of L’Hôtel Parister in Paris, was fed up with having to “constantly” repaint her SPA shower area.

These are 2 recurring issues for hotels :

  • Traditional paint is not resistant to humidity and water splashes, and requires frequent maintenance.
  • Customers leave stains and impacts on the walls, requiring regular repainting.

With CorsoFacility®, we were able to respond efficiently  and sustainably.

Efficiently, because the renovation was completed in 1 day, with no odor, no dust, and no disruption to customers or operations.

Sustainably because :

  • CorsoFacility®’s exceptional performance high ambient humidity area ensures that maintenance will be considerably reduced.
  • CorsoFacility®’s superior cleanability compared to traditional paint will postpone the next renovation.

Sandrine Troccaz, manager of L’Hôtel Parister in Paris

« I saw the use cases at other facilities and was convinced that CorsoFacility® would solve my maintenance problems ».

« I was able to observe that the work was carried out quickly and without any of the nuisances usually associated with liquid paint »



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