Installation of CorsoFacility Cadence in fitting rooms

For fashion retail, the cleanliness and aesthetic appearance of fitting rooms play an essential role, particularly for conversion and customer satisfaction. Indeed, 33% of consumers prefer to leave the item rather than try it on, because the cabins are not attractive enough, yet 60% of fittings result in a purchase.

This is why our client, one of the top 5 fashion retail brands in the world, called on us to renovate their fitting rooms, because they required regular maintenance to stay clean.
They needed a solution that was resistant, aesthetic and reduced the inconvenience of renovations experienced with liquid paint.
Our CorsoFacility Cadence solution was totally adapted to their needs, because it…

  • Is particularly resistant, thanks to its design with glass mat on the back backing
  • Is robust and durable, resulting in reduced maintenance costs over time
  • Is easy to implement and applicable on all surfaces
  • Completely eliminates odors and VOCs related to paint drying
  • Aesthetic and easy to clean (watch our demonstration)

And today?
After 5 years of use, the fitting rooms are in perfect condition and have not required the maintenance typically required for fitting rooms.
Our client being satisfied, many new renovations have taken place.

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