Installation of CorsoFacility Imagery in Adagio hotel rooms

For several years, the Adagio hotel had been planning to renovate and modernize its rooms, but above all, they were looking for a solution that:

  • Is aesthetically pleasing and resistant
  • Limits work-related business interruption
  • Avoids odors and fumes for customers, employees and applicators

Why CorsoFacility® Imagery?
Beyond meeting all their needs with CorsoFacility® Imagery, we have adapted our solution to the hotel’s needs, by:

  • Integrating the visuals of their choice into our dry paint film
  • Making our product even more resistant thanks to glass mat design
  • Minimizing the interruption of the activity, with a product already finished and dry, installed quickly and to perfection by our teams
  • Providing a solution that  is easy to clean and has an impeccable finish over a long period of time

The installation of our product delighted the managers of the hotel. After a few months, the finish is still the same, the walls are in excellent condition and the patterns have kept their original shine.

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