Corsoshield Fabrics used by a major American clothing brand to shield: cartons and pallets.

To reduce the time spent on inventories and obtain reliable data, a leader in the clothing market called on Corso Magenta in June 2022, for the installation of one of its solutions.

The brand needed a simple, reliable and scalable solution to block only RFID waves and easily manage the new role of the store:

    • Click & Collect
    • Ship to Store
    • Reserve in Store
    • Return to Store

The solution that meets his needs is CorsoShield Fabrics.

The ideal product that is suitable for all customers looking for a customizable shielding technique. It allows to shield an object (trolley, pallet, cardboard, …) or to separate the areas in order to achieve a mass reading (without reading the tags around).

CorsoShield Fabrics is available in several references: Box, Big box, Trolley, Tube, Curtain, Shutter, …

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