Functional paint films for composite manufacturing

Painting is nowadays one of the most time consuming and HSE concerned process in the composite manufacturing industry. Application of liquid paint generates waste and damages the health of workers. Surface preparation, combined with drying times, are a real bottleneck while production rates need to be improved every day.

Corso Magenta is a pioneering SME which is re-inventing paint with a new, green generation of functional films. Our patented process transforms liquid paints into dry films:

Any paint can be used without modification of the original formula: Epoxy / PU based primers & topcoats,

Usage of already qualified paints or proprietary formulations ensure the global performance of the system.
Paint films can be self-supported or complexed with additional layers:

  • Glass, carbon, aramid, PEEK fibers can be semi impregnated in the paint. Combining the paint-resin chemical adhesion to the mechanical bounding of fibers reinforces interfacial strength with the resin matrix,
  • Bronze mesh to provide integrated lightning strike protection,
  • Protective film or peel ply to facilitate demolding and ensure adequate surface roughness,
  • Resistive layer to generate heating as close as possible to the external surface,
  • Electromagnetic shiedling layer, for RF applications.

This is a breakthrough technology to reduce paint related investment, improve our environmental impact, reduce cycle time of composite manufacturing, and incorporate new functionalities in paint systems.

A new award for NIOULASCO®

NIOULASCO® products, first thin paint films industrially manufactured, have just been rewarded by the professionals of the Building sector during the “élection des produits du BTP 2017”!

Following the votes of the Companies and Prescribers, it is not without a certain pleasure that we announce that the finishing solutions of the brand NIOULASCO® have been rewarded with the label “RECOMMENDED BY THE CONSTRUCTION PROFESSIONALS” in the category Interiors with note of:


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This label « Recommandé par les Professionnels du BTP » rewards the products launch on the market before December 31th, 2014, the evaluation criteria are : their reputation / their performance / their durability / the quality of the service, etc …

For each criterion, the materials are evaluated on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the best score. In order to obtain the label, the materials must obtain a minimum score of 2 out of 5 for each evaluated criterion and an overall average score higher than 2.5 out of 5. The score obtained by NIOULASCO® products therefore ranks them among the must-have products of the sector !

An extensive consultation was launched with the professional community from 4 to 20 January 2017. More than 250,000 companies and 30,000 prescribers were invited to vote to elect the most innovative products and reward the safe and secure future values of construction.

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This year 81,259 votes (prescribers and companies) have designated 40 winning products (all categories: Structure, Masonry, Facade / Carpentry, Closure / Technical equipment / Interior fittings / Outdoor Facilities / Business Services). The Labels award ceremony took place on February 2th at the Intercontinental Opera Grand Hotel in Paris, during which our President, Stanislas Chevallier was of course present to receive our trophy.

CORSO MAGENTA participated in the event "Le Top" organised by the Afep


On saturday, CORSO MAGENTA participated in the event « Le Top » organised by the AFEP (Association française des entreprises privées – French Association of private companies) at the Economic, Social and Environmental Council in Paris. A meeting between SMEs and large groups to promote business-to-business exchanges.

An unprecedented economic “speed-dating” between SME / ETI bosses and major French groups, to trigger opportunities for growth. In total, more than 40 major chairmans responded and met the 390 or so privileged SMEs (out of 600 applications), including CORSO MAGENTA.

The opportunity for our President, Stanislas Chevallier, to get in touch with 4 leaders of major French groups.

Enriching and constructive exchanges to accompany us on our road to success !


Survey on fonctional paints : special insert for CORSO MAGENTA

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In their latest issue on fonctional paints, Info Chimie Magazine interviewed our chairman on thin fonctional paint films.

A great recognition of our know-how in the integration of functionalities within our products.

Let discover the insert  dedicated to us :

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CORSO MAGENTA is officially member of the CNRFID (Centre National de la RFID – National Center of the RFID) and joins the community of Connected Objects players (RFID, NFC, IoT …).

Since 2008, the National Center of RFID, created at the initiative of  the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Digital, aims at facilitating the adoption and appropriation of contactless technologies (RFID et NFC) by professionnals. With our electromagnetic shielding film WAVESHIELD, a new product in this young and booming market, our company is responding to a problem encountered by many other members.

In the retail sector, for example, where the use of RFID technology is growing rapidly, it may be necessary to create an EM shielding to demarcate areas between the shop and a storage area. This is the kind of need that our solution WAVESHIELD answers.

Enquête sur les peintures fonctionnelles : un encart spécial pour CORSO MAGENTA

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Dans son dernier numéro, à l’occasion de son enquête sur les peintures fonctionnelles, Info Chimie Magazine a interviewé notre président sur nos films minces fonctionnels.

Une belle reconnaissance de notre savoir-faire en matière d’intégration de fonctionnalités au sein de nos produits.

Découvrez l’encart qui nous a été consacré :

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CORSO MAGENTA est désormais membre du CNRFID (Centre National de la RFID) et rejoint la communauté des acteurs des objets connectés (RFID, NFC, IoT …).

Depuis 2008, le Centre National de Référence RFID, crée à l’initiative du  Ministère de l’Economie, des Finances et de l’Industrie, a pour objet de faciliter l’adoption et l’appropriation des technologies sans contact (RFID et NFC) par les professionnels. Avec sa solution de blindage électromagnétique NIOULASCO®  WAVESHIELD, un nouveau produit sur ce jeune marché en pleine croissance,  la société CORSO MAGENTA répond à une problématique rencontrée par de nombreux autres membres.

Dans le secteur du retail par exemple, où l’utilisation de la technologie RFID se déploie rapidement, il peut être nécessaire de créer une barrière électromagnétique pour isoler ne zone de stockage d’un espace de vente. C’est à ce type de besoin que notre solution NIOULASCO® WAVESHIELD répond.

CORSO MAGENTA était présent à l'événement "Le Top" organisé par l'Afep


CORSO MAGENTA participait ce samedi 10 février à l’événement « Le Top » organisé par l’AFEP (Association française des entreprises privées) au Conseil économique, social et environnemental à Paris. Une rencontre entre PME et grands groupes dont l’objectif est de favoriser les échanges interentreprises.

Un « speed-dating » économique inédit entre patrons de PME/ETI et grands groupes français, pour déclencher des opportunités de croissance. Au total, ce sont plus de 40 grands patrons ont répondu présents et ont rencontré les quelques 390 PME privilégiées (sur les 600 demandes) dont CORSO MAGENTA.

L’occasion pour notre Président, Stanislas Chevallier, d’entrer en contact avec 4 dirigeants de grands groupes français.

Des échanges enrichissants et constructifs pour nous accompagner dans notre route vers le succès !